Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Lipińska

Professor of Art History of Early Modern Times
Department of Art History
LMU Munich

Main Research Areas

  • Art history of the early modern period with a focus on East Central Europe and the Netherlands
  • Artistic exchange between countries of Central and East Europe and other European regions: artist migration, transfer of artwork, ideas, materials and techniques
  • Art and denomination
  • Importance of artistic materials and techniques

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Lubin, Poland. PhD on southern Netherlands alabaster sculpture in East Central Europe. Habilitation in preparation “Alabaster. Studien in Materialbedeutung” [Alabaster. Studies in the meaning of materials]. 2012-2016 junior professor of art history of East Central Europe with a focus on regions of shared cultural heritage at the Institute of Art History and Historical Urbanism of TU Berlin. Since April 2016 professor of art history of the Early Modern Period at the Institute of Art History of the LMU Munich.

Positions, Assignments and Memberships

  • Principal investigator of the Graduate School of East- and Southeast European Studies
  • Member of Polish Art Historians Association
  • Member of the Working Group of German and Polish Art Historians and Curators of Monuments
  • Member of the Renaissance Society of America
  •  Member of the Low Countries Sculpture Society
  • Member of the German Associations of University Professors and Lecturers


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Prof. Dr. Aleksandra Lipińska