Prof. Dr. Susanne Strätling

Professor of Comparative Literature
Institute of General and Comparative Literature
LMU Munich

Main research areas

  • East European (especially Russian) literatures and cultures from the early modern period to the present day (especially baroque, avant-garde and post-perestroika)
  • History of metaphors and concepts (especially the concepts of building in Socialism, interdisciplinary concepts of energy)
  • Poetics of Poiesis
  • Literature and mediality (media history of writing, literary criticism/ graphoclasm)
  • Rhetorical theory (allegory, rhetoric of sensation)

Curriculum Vitae

Studied German Philology, Slavic Studies and Education Studies in Münster, Volgograd, Prague and Berlin. 2003 Doctorate on Allegories of Imagination. Legibility and visibility in early Russian Baroque (awarded the Humboldt Prize 2003). 2004-2013 Research Assistant in the section of culture at the Institute for Eastern Europe and at the Peter Szondi Institute of Comparative Literature at the FU Berlin as well as Feodor Lynen-Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation at the UC, Berkeley (2006-2007). Habilitation at the FU Berlin with a dissertation on "Die Hand am Werk. Perspektiven einer Poetik der Poiesis in der russischen Avantgarde" [The Hand at Work: Perspectives of a Poetics of Poiesis in the Russian Avant-garde] (2014). Interim Professor of General and Slavic Literature at the University of Konstanz (2014-2015) and Visiting Professor at the Institute for Comparative Literature, Freie Universität Berlin (10/2015-3/2016). Since 4/2016 Professor at the Institute of General and Comparative Literature of the LMU Munich.

Positions, Assignments and Memberships

  • Principal Investigator of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
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