Andrey Vozyanov, M.A.


Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien
Universität Regensburg
Landshuter Str. 4
D-93047 Regensburg
Tel.: +49 (0)941 / 943 - 5360


Infrastructures in trouble: Tramway, Trolleybus and Society in Ukraine and Romania after 1990

The project is focusing on life of provincial tram and trolleybus networks in Ukraine and Romania during 1990-2000`s. My research question is provoked by the severe crisis that these sociotechnical urban systems faced  after the socialism: how did the particular socio-technical assembling processes lead to survival or closure of the networks?  Deleuzian concept of assemblage is suggested for understanding the continual re-configurations that electric transport has undergone in the studied time-place. Its task is to problematize De Certeau`s “strategies – tactics” dichotomy as applied to relations between urban transport infrastructure and passengers. Via case of provincial urban electric transport I`m trying to provide examples for reconceptualization of the verticalized two-level structure “user vs. infrastructure” into a non-linear, heterogeneous and re-collectable mobility rhizome.

The nature of investigated assemblage imposes a qualitative methodology with mixed range of sources and technics like interviews, surveys, discourse analysis, “mobile methods” with an accent on interdisciplinary translation. The project seeks to contribute both to academic discussion on city ontologies and applicable knowledge on building the patterns of understanding interaction within urban communities.

Siehe auch die Projektskizze in Jahresbericht 2015 der Graduiertenschule

Curriculum Vitae

Andrey Vozyanov hat Kulturanthropologie an der Europäischen Universität in Sankt-Petersburg (Russland) studiert. In den Jahren 2011-2013 betrieb er Feldforschung zum Thema Mobilität in der östlichen Ukraine.  Seine Masterarbeit mit dem Thema „Der Anteil des öffentlichen Nahverkehrs im Alltagsleben älterer Bürger/Innen: Fallstudie in der Stadt Mariupol“ hat er im April abgeschlossen. 2013 und 2014 hat er sich mit weiteren Forschungsprojekten über urbane Praktiken beschäftigt.


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Dezember 2015 Kiev, Ukraine. Presentation at round table “Experience of participatory projects”, on grassroots initiatives for Donbas transport, “Чи повинні громадяни інфраструктурі? Пострадянський міськелектротранспорт між волонтерством, залученням та маніпулюванням”.

November 2015, St. Petersburg, Russia. Two presentations, panel co-organisator at Annual Conference «Exhibition of Scientific Developments», 1) Has anthropology ever been non-applied? A critical introduction into ethnographies of techno-age, 2) Этика морального износа и взаимодействие технологических неравенств: социотехнические функции б/у трамваев в городах Румынии ("Ethics of obsolescence and assemblages of technological inequalities: socio-technical functions of second-hand tramways in Romania").

Oktober 2015, St.Petersburg, Russia. Presentation on methodology Исследование довоенного Донбасса до и во время войны: о попытках интернет-этнографии расколотого сообщества („Studying the pre-war Donbass during and after the war: on attempts of Internet-ethography for the splitted-up community“).

Oktober 2015 Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Public lecture Тихое введение в антропологию шума по ночам.

September 2015, Caserta, Italy, Joint Conference of the International Association for the History of Transport, Traffic and Mobility (T2M) and the Cosmobilities Network. Presentations:1) The Digital Age of Equipped Waiting: Capitalizing the Attention and Revision of Passengering in Russian Largest Cities; 2) The Same Route but not the Same Way: A Sensitive Diversification of Public Transit in Ukrainian and Romanian Cities since 1990s, 3) Presentation of documentary photo on urban electric transport in Donbas.

Augist 2015 Kimry, Russia. Two lectures on sound studies and public transport studies at workshop "Центр полевых исследований", summer school "Летняя Школа".

Juni 2015 13.6.2015 Regensburg, Germany. Workshop Critical introduction into applied anthropologiestogether with Liubava Shatokhina.

Juni 2015 Rostov-on-Don, Russia. Report on late evening tramway service at “Night of urban communities”.

April 2015 Minsk, Belarus. Presentation at Art and Education Festival „Artes Liberalis“: Code “Prolongation”: Biographies of Urban Electric Transport Infrastructure in 2000s Donbas.