Doctoral Student and Postdoc Representatives

The doctoral student and postdoc representatives play an important role in the governance structure of the Graduate School. They do represent the interests of both the predoctoral and the postdoctoral members of the Graduate School in its Executive Board and at General Meetings.

Once a year, the doctoral students elect four representatives (two from Munich and two from Regensburg). By analogy, the postdocs elect one representative from Munich and one from Regensburg. Re-election is possible.

Moreover, a postdoc representative will take part in the meetings of the Admission Board which responsible for choosing the doctoral students.

The current representatives are:

Doctoral Student Representatives


Philipp Tvrdinić, M.A.

Boris Ganichev, M.A. (deputy)


Jeremias Schmidt, M.A.

Daniela Mathuber, M.A. (Deputy)

Postdoc Representatives


Dr. Anna-Dorothea Ludewig (Regensburg)

Dr. Jan Arend (Munich; deputy)