[Conference Regensburg] Localizing Europe in Central European Cultures of Memory

23.06.2016 - 2016-06-25

June 23-25, 2016 the Bohemicum Regensburg-Passau in cooperation with the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies and the Passau University's Chair of Modern and Contemporary History of Eastern Europe and its Cultures will hold the international conference "Localizing Europe in Central European Cultures of Memory" in Regensburg. Conveners are Prof. Dr. Ulf Brunnbauer, Prof. Dr. Marek Nekula and Prof. Dr. Thomas Wünsch.

The conference aims to discover Europe’s place in transnational cultures of memory such as social justice, forced migration or the Holocaust that may both connect and divide cultures of memory in Europe. The conference explores national and regional examples as well as intersections of different cultures and politics of memory in Central Europe to reveal their cultural specificity and map out the diversity of cultures and politics of memory concerning Europe. In this way, partially conflicting cultures of memory are uncovered such as in how Europe is represented differently in European and national commemorations of Liberation/Victory Day on May 8/9 or in celebrations of the anniversary of 1989 to legitimize or delegitimize Europe and local political agendas.

The panels localize such functional representations of Europe in narratives and rituals, exploring, for example, the representation of Europe in the narrative on communist dictatorship as a part of a politics of memory that can and has been institutionalized on different levels of national and European cultures of memory.


Time: June 23-25, 2016

Venue: Regensburg, University of Regensburg, Universitätsstr. 31, Vielberth Gebäude, Rooms H 24 and H 25

Sponsors: Consulate General of the Czech RepublicGraduate School for East and Southeast European Studies, President of the University of Regensburg, Regensburger Universitätsstiftung Hans Vielberth

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