Annual Conference 2014

12.06.2014 - 2014-06-14

A globalized world needs Area Studies for the understanding of regionally specific political, social, and cultural processes. Yet, the growing consciousness of globalization has also had an impact on Area Studies: while they were previously mainly defined by country-specific expertise based on the knowledge of vernacular languages, Area Studies today aim at understanding the peculiar place of their "area" in the world. Entanglement, transnationalism, transfer and hybridity have become guiding principles of the practice of Area Studies, which in turn have significantly contributed to the further development of these concepts. The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies, which in 2012 was established by the LMU Munich and the University of Regensburg through a grant of the German Initiative of Excellence, is committed to the idea of "integrated area studies". We believe that the exploration of a particular region needs to also highlight its relations with other parts of the world. The First Annual Conference of the Graduate School, therefore, aims at facilitating a dialogue between Area Studies focusing on different parts of the globe. For this purpose, the conference will discuss institutional pathways, the relationship between political expediency and area study development, methodological innovation, and the place of Eastern European studies in different national contexts.

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