[Forum Regensburg] Mark von Hagen (Tempe, AZ): "The 1917 Revolutions and the Imperial Turn: Forgotten Wars, Forgotten Peaces, Forgotten Revolution?"

17.07.2017 (14:00 - 16:00)

Am Montag, 17. Juli 2017, hält Professor Mark von Hagen, Ph.D. (Tempe, AZ) an der Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien in Regensburg einen Vortrag mit dem Titel 'The 1917 Revolutions and the Imperial Turn: Forgotten Wars, Forgotten Peaces, Forgotten Revolution?'. Die öffentliche Veranstaltung ist Teil der Reihe "Forum" der Graduiertenschule.

Mark von Hagen is a Professor for History and Global Studies at the School of Historical, Philosophical and Religious Studies and the School of Politics and Global Studies at the Arizona State University in Tempe. In addition, he is teaching as a Professor for Ukrainian History of the 20th Century at the Free Ukrainian University in Munich since 2009. He is focussing on history of historiography, the relationship between military and society, nationality policies, history of minorities, and cultural history.

His major publications are: Soldiers in the Proletarian Dictatorship: The Red Army and the Soviet Socialist State, 1917-1930 (Cornell, 1990); Culture, Nation, Identity: the Ukrainian-Russian Encounter, 1600-1945 (edited with Andreas Kappeler, Zenon Kohut and Frank Sysyn; Toronto, 2003); War in a European Borderland: Occupations and Occupation Plans in Galicia and Ukraine, 1914-1918 (Washington, 2007); Russian Empire: Space, People, Power, 1700-1930, (edited with Jane Burbank and Anatoly Remnev; Bloomington, 2007).


The talk will explore the missing "issue" of most historiography of 1917 revolutions to this day, the imperial and national questions. By revisiting the historiography and the memoir literature from the perspective of events in Kyiv and Ukraine, i suggest some thoughts about chronology, terminology, and the place of the Ukrainian revolution between the "Russian" Revolutions of 1917 and the November revolutions of 1918 in Germany and Austria-Hungary.

The lecture is part of the Graduate School's lecture series "Forum" and open to the public.

Time: 17.07.2017, 2-4 p.m. c.t.

Location: Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies Regensburg, Landshuter Str. 4, Room 319

The lecture will be video recorded and photographed for our Video-Podcast series and public relation activities. If you choose to participate, you are presumed to consent to the use of your image in these recordings.

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