Forum Regensburg: The Dynamics of the Maidan Protest, Radical Shifts in Public Support for EU-integration, and the Perception of the Russian Federation in Ukraine

04.11.2014 (13:30 - 15:00)

On the basis of a sequence of surveys conducted in Ukraine by International Institute of  Sociology and their partners (on a representative samples of the adult population of Ukraine) the dynamics of the Maidan  protest and shifts in public support for EU-integration is  examined. Results of Maidan for the development of a congruent national geopolitical and foreign policy strategy for Ukraine are to be discussed. Trend in dynamics of EU  attitudes is analysed along with decrease of positive attitudes to population of the Russian Federation. It is  stated that the Maidan movement along with Russian latent  militant intervention boosted support for EU in Eastern and  Southern regions of Ukraine. It is related also with a  strive to fight the corruption, ineffective governance, low  rule of law. What has also changed radically – it is  attitudes of Ukrainian citizens to Russia and NATO, and of Russian citizens to Ukraine: the dynamics of these changes is examined in relation to Maidan, militant intervention of Russian Federation into Ukraine and how the issues of  Russian language and federalization were seen.