[Konferenz Regensburg] Migration in and out of East and Southeast Europe

02.07.2015 - 04.07.2015

Vom 2.-4. Juli 2015 findet die dritte Jahrestagung des Institus für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS) in Regensburg statt. Das Thema in diesem Jahr lautet: Migration in and out of East and Southeast Europe: Values, Networks, Well-Being.

Migration is a key driver of social change, it shapes political landscapes, creates and disrupts social networks, changes population structures, transforms values and attitudes, impacts on labour markets, and affects living standards and well-being. Especially since the 19th century, intense international and domestic migration has had a significant impact on the societies of East and Southeast Europe. Many countries in the region have been prominent emigration countries, while at the same time being major destinations for immigrants and experiencing large-scale domestic migration.

This conference aims at exploring a range of social, economic and cultural effects of migration on the countries of East and Southeast Europe.

Conveners: Edvin Pezo, Olga Popova

Contact: Institut für Ost und Südosteuropaforschung, Landshuter Straße 4, D-93047 Regensburg, Phone: (0941) 943 54 10, fax: (0941) 943 54 27, email: info@ios-regensburg.de, Internet: www.ios-regensburg.de

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