[Vortrag Regensburg] Ekaterina Skoglund (IOS): "YOUMIG: an overview of the project"

17.10.2017 (13:30 - 15:30)

Am Dienstag, den 17. Oktober 2017, hält Ekaterina Skoglund (IOS) im Rahmen der Seminarreihe des AB Ökonomie am IOS einen Vortrag zum Thema "YOUMIG: an overview of the project".


YOUMIG - Improving institutional capacities and fostering cooperation to tackle the impacts of transnational youth migration - is a project that covers 8 countries of the Danube region. 19 partners - including statistical and research institutions, and local governments - team up to create local developmental strategies based on improved impact indicators of youth migration. Time span of the project stretches from January 2017 to May 2019. IOS Regensburg is responsible for the Work Package 4 “Improved measurement”, and hence has in focus systems of indicators related to youth migration. Current presentation has among its goals an overview of the YOUMIG project as the whole and a progress report regarding the WP4. A part of the presentation is planned to be dedicated to a discussion of needs for data collection at sub-national level in the Danube region.

Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen.

Zeit: 17. Oktober 2017, 13:30 Uhr

Ort: Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien, Landshuterstraße 4, 93047 Regensburg, Raum 109