19.09.2017 (2017-09-19 - 2017-09-26)

Summer School 2017

"Change in an interdisciplinary Perspective" will be title and topic of the Summer School 2017, which the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies and the Honours Masters’ Programme "East European Studies" are again organizing jointly. It wil take place 19 to 26 September in the Russian metropolis St. Petersburg. Local cooperation partner is the Higher School of Ecomomics (HSE) represented by Prof. Alexander M. Semyonov, Ph.D.

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22.09.2017 (09:00 - 18:00)

[International Seminar Regensburg] Rainer Arnold: "International Seminar on Developments of Constitutionalism:Constitutional Interpretation in a comparative perspective.Conceptual changes, dialogue of judges,Europeanization".

On Friday, September 22, 2017, the International Seminar on Developments of Constitutionalism will take place in Regensburg, with the subject "Constitutional Interpretation in a comparative perspective. Conceptual changes, dialogue of judges,Europeanization", organized by Prof. Rainer Arnold, University of Regensburg, and the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies of the Universities of  Munich (LMU) and Regensburg.

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