Information about the publications of the Graduate School of East and Southeast Europe

The Graduate School of East and Southeast Europe publishes a biannual newsletter and an Annual Report, which you can both subscribe via E-Mail.

Previous newsletters and Annual Reports as well as a leaflet with basic information about the Graduate School is available for download here.

Book series "Schnittstellen"

On behalf of the Graduate Schoolits coordinators, Prof. Dr. Martin Schulze Wessel and Prof. Dr. Ulf brunnbauer, have been editing the book series "Schnittstellen" [roughly: "intersections"], published with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht. The series features current research on the history, literature, culture and politics of East and Southeast Europe, particularly doctoral dissertation theses completed at the Graduate School and its partner institutions.

Weblog "Erinnerungskulturen"

The Graduate School's weblog "Erinnerungskulturen" [Cultures of Remembrance], hosted by hypotheses, draws attention to questions of memory, cultures of history, politics of remembrance, and practices of dealing with the past in East and Southeast Europe.

Publications of our members

An overview of the publications of the Graduate School's members you can find here.