Graduate School welcomes Victoria Frede as Visiting Fellow in Munich

08.06.2016 (08:16)

Noted historian on Imperial Russia is working at the Graduate School in May and June 2016

The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies welcomes Victoria Frede-Montemayor, Ph.D., Associate Professor at the Department of History of the University of California Berkeley, as Visiting Research Fellow in Munich in May and June 2016.

Frede-Montemayor is a member of the international academic advisory board of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies. Her research focuses on the history of Imperial Russia in the late 18th and 19th centuries, Russian intellectual history in comparison with other European developments, history of anti-religious thought, emotions and friendship.

Her current research project, titled "Elective Affinities: Friendship in Russia, 1750-1840", centers on political elites and the impact of the sentimental cult of friendship on political hierarchies and loyalties.

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