Do I have to enrol and register as a doctoral student at the LMU Munich/Universität Regensburg?

In order to complete a doctoral programme at the LMU Munich, candidates must have been enroled at LMU Munich for at least three semesters. The exact date when enrolment should take place is less important; this can be done when you have already started with the Graduate School's programme. In addition, you will need to register at the Examination Office before handing in the thesis.

Enrolment is not officially required by the the University of Regensburg; it is, however, recommended.

We will assist you in theses matters when you have been accepted to join the Graduate School. 

For further information on enrolement and registration please see the leaflet "Doctoral Studies at LMU Munich" (pdf) and the "Guide to doctoral studies for international students at LMU Munich" (pdf) respectively the "Leitfaden zum Promotionsstudium für ausländische Studierende an der Universität München" (pdf). Please, check also the website of LMU's Graduate Center.

The University of Regensburg provides "Information for PhD Students" at the website of its Welcome Center.

Last update on 2017-06-20 by Sophia Neidhardt.

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