How and by what criteria candidates are selected?

Decisive is the quality of the application. Besides the relevance and comprehensibility of the topic (interest, key questions, problem awareness, relevance), of theory and methodology (including the key research literature and primary sources), the originality of the proposed project is important.

After the end of the application period, all applications received will be examined for their formal suitability (in accordance with the formal application requirements).

The Admission Board then evaluates all submitted applications and decides on a short-list of eligible candidates. Handicapped/disabled applicants will be preferred if equally qualified.

For those applicants who are short-listed, the Admission Board will ask your reference persons for a recommendation. Their letters should indicate when and under what circumstances they got you to know and how your undergraduate studies have developed. If possible, they should also give an assessment of the project you propose.

Selected applicants will then be invited for an interview in Munich to give further information about their project and to answer questions about it. Usually, two applicants will be invited for each position and each scholarship to be awarded.

After completion of all discussions, the Admission Board will decide on which candidates are to be admitted to the Graduate School.

Please refrain from making requests before October 5th, 2017.

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