Regarding the letter of recommendation, are there any official forms my referees need to complete? Should they send it immediately?

No, there are no official forms your former academic teachers (they need to have a Ph.D., but do not necessarily need to be professors) must complete. In the online application form you will be asked to name two referees who can assess your academic abilities, and possibly your final thesis and doctoral project.

Please do not submit any letters of recommendation in advance, nor ask your reference persons to send us such information before we ask them to so. If your application is short-listed, the Graduate School will contact your referees to provide a reference for you.

Please make sure that your referees are available by phone or email from 1 to 30 September. Only, if this should prove to be impossible, are kindly ask them to send us their reference via email in advance.

Last update on 2017-07-20 by Christoph Hilgert.

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