Who can apply?

Graduates of any university who hold a master degree, Magister, Staatsexamen or Diplom as well as graduates with comparable international qualifications are eligible to apply. A very good overall grade is expected. In addition, the suggested research project should, of course, be related to East or Southeast Europe, to one of our three research areas, and to a discipline in which supervision can be offered by the Graduate School's Principal Investigators.

You can check which international qualifications are accepted as equivalent to European master's degree in database anabin of the Conference of Ministers of Education of the German "Länder" (KMK).

Please note: A bachelor degree is not sufficient as the skills required for a doctoral programme in this field can usually be acquired only over a longer period of study.

There is no age restriction.

Please note: The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies offers no research funding to new doctoral students in 2018!

Last update on 2018-04-25 by Christoph Hilgert.

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