Politics and Legitimacy in Post-Soviet Eurasia

03.11.2015 (08:55)

Sammelband des Forschungsnetzwerks "KomPost" mit Beiträgen von Mitgliedern der Graduiertenschule veröffentlicht

Martin Brusis, Joachim Ahrens und Martin Schulze Wessel sind Herausgeber des Sammelbandes "Politics and Legitimacy in Post-Soviet Eurasia", der dieser Tage im renommierten Verlag Palgrave Macmillan erschienen ist. Der Band beschäftigt sich mit Fragen politischer Legitimation als knappe Ressource im heutigen Russland und anderen ehemaligen Sowjetstaaten in Eurasien und versammelt Studien aus dem Kontext des Forschungsnetzwerks "KomPost".


Zum Inhalt:

Political legitimacy has become a scarce resource in Russia and other post-Soviet states in Eurasia. Their capacity to deliver prosperity has suffered from economic crisis, the conflict in Ukraine and the ensuing confrontation with the West. Will nationalism and repression enable political regimes to survive?

This book investigates the politics of legitimation in post-Soviet countries, focusing on how political and intellectual elites exploit different modes of legitimation. Combining cross-national comparisons and country case studies, it addresses state-economy relations, pro-presidential parties, courts, ideas of nationhood, historical and literary narratives.

Weak economic performance, evidence of electoral fraud, unresponsive governments and the waning authority of presidents continue to jeopardize institutional legitimacy. Whilst incumbent elites have been able to shift between legitimation modes, this collection argues that shifts towards nationalism, artificial charisma and traditionalism will not be sufficient in the long term to keep elites in power.

The book includes findings from a multi-disciplinary research network studying institutions and institutional change in post-Soviet countries (KomPost). This network has been generously financed by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research through its area studies program.

ISBN: 9781137489432
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Erschienen bei Palgrave Macmillan im Oktober 2015
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