[Call for Applications] Summer School "History Takes Place – Dynamics of Urban Change"

19.04.2017 (11:09)

Bewerbungen für Sommerschule in Belgrad und Sarajevo, 4.-15. September 2017

"History Takes Place – Dynamics of Urban Change" ist das Thema einer von der Zeit-Stiftung organisierten Sommerschule, die vom 4.-15. September 2017 in Belgrad und Sarajevo stattfinden wird und sich an Postgraduierte richtet. Die akademische Leitung obliegt Prof. Dr. Marie-Janine Calic. Wer an der Sommerschule teilnehmen will, kann sich bis zum 29. Mai 2017 bewerben.

The summer school “History Takes Place – Dynamics of Urban Change” will bring together from 4 to 15 September 2017 twenty international young researchers – historians, art historians, archaeologists, cultural and social scientists, city planners and architects. This year’s programme is focused on the complex and multi-layered history of Belgrade and Sarajevo. The ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius and the Gerda Henkel Foundation invite the participants to study the connections between historical events and spatial development.

Belgrade and Sarajevo in their urban fabric reflect the exceptional interweaving of past and present in the Balkans. Over the centuries, both cities have developed a strong urban identity going far beyond their national meaning. Belgrade – a border town of several empires – was repeatedly contested and embattled. It was rebuilt many times to suit the cultural preferences of diverse rulers. Its turbulent history is defined by constant efforts to sustain a city in spite of successive waves of conquest. Its current urban and economic development is strongly shaped by globalisation. Sarajevo – founded by the Ottoman rulers and considered as a gateway to Central Europe – in the 20th century became a lieu de mémoire in European history. Traces of heavy destruction during the Bosnian War siege are still clearly visible in the urban landscape. City life today is marked by the interplay between integration and segregation in its multi-ethnic society.

The comprehensive programme will provide insight into the cities' history, politics, society, theory, literature, art, music, and film, thus enabling an in-depth understanding of the material and symbolic resources. Through discussions and the physical experience of the urban spaces, the summer school aims to make participants aware of architectural and represented space. The academic director is Prof. Dr. Marie-Janine Calic, Chair of East and South East European History at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich.


The summer school invites applications particularly from postgraduate students in history, art history, archaeology, cultural studies and the social sciences, as well as young architects and city planners. Applicants should have a genuine interest in an interdisciplinary exchange on the history of the city and city development. They should have a keen thematic and methodological interest in urban studies and be familiar with past and current developments in South Eastern Europe. Sessions will be held in English. Participants are expected to prepare for the sessions with course materials and reading lists, and also give a presentation on a topic related to their academic interests and competencies.

Travel and accommodation expenses will be covered by the organizers.

Please send your application including a statement of interest, CV and suggested presentation topic to the programme director at the ZEIT-Stiftung, Dr. Anna Hofmann: hofmann@zeit-stiftung.de.

The application deadline is 29 May 2017.

In the past years the summer school "History Takes Place“ has taken place in Rome (2014), Istanbul (2013), Paris (2010), Warsaw (2009), Lviv (2007), Wrocław (2005) and St. Petersburg (2003).

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