[Kolloquium] Henry Hale - The Politics of Identity, History and Elections in the Ukraine Crisis

13.11.2014 (13:07)

Prof. Henry Hale, PhD: Elections under Crisis

On the 5th of November 2014, the Graduate School for East- and Southeast European Studies was happy to welcome political scientist Prof. Henry Hale (Washington) at its colloquium in Munich. In his talk "The Politics of Identity, History and Elections in the Ukraine Crisis", Hale discussed the results of a recent study conducted on the subject of Ukrainian people.

During his enlightening presentation, Prof. Hale introduced preliminary result of a survey conducted in Ukraine under two waves (May and June 2014) in cooperation with Kyiv National Institute of Sociology (Kyiv, Ukraine). The survey was aimed at tracing changes in attitudes of citizens of Ukraine towards the latest developments. As preliminary results show, the attitudes of the population are much more moderate than public statements of the current government. Majority of Ukrainians support developing trade relations with both Russia and the EU (although, oppose membership in the Russia-led Customs Union), as well as support negotiations with the Russian leadership in regard to the current conflict in the East. Additionally, Prof. Henry Hale showed the dynamic in public opinion regarding the level of legitimacy of Ukrainian government, attitude towards protests, means of popular mobilization and foreign policy of Ukraine. Overall, the presentation was though-provoking and stimulated a vibrant discussion of the current situation in Ukraine.

Karina Shyrokyk