Historical Practices of Civic Nationalisms: Global Perspectives

05.07.2016 (08:25)

Jasper Trautsch Mitveranstalter eines Workshops an der Victoria University in Wellington, Neuseeland

Am 5. Juli 2016 findet an der Victoria University in Wellington in Neuseeland der internationale Workshop "Historical Practices of Civic Nationalisms: Global Perspectives" statt, der das Konzept des "Staatsnationalismus" oder "(staats)bürgerlichen Nationalismus" aus globaler Perspektive diskutiert. Veranstalter sind Dr. Alexander Maxwell und Dr. Jasper Trautsch, Postdoc der Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien in Regensburg.

Abstract des Workshops

This workshop critically examines the concept of civic nationalism as a potentially useful analytical category in nationalism research, and investigates the historical practices of civic or at least quasi-civic nationalisms from around the globe. Which strategies did multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation-states pursue in the past to foster national sentiment? Can their example offer useful lessons to contemporary democratic nation-states for successfully integrating immigrant populations? Which processes of "Othering" have characterized civic nationalisms?