Fields of Research

“European Russia and Sweden and Norway” by Adolf Stieler and L. Thiel, 1839 (from the holdings of the Bavarian State Library)

Our research programme is based on the recognition that modern area studies play an important role in understanding the effects of historical and ongoing globalisation. Social and cultural phenomena in the modern world can no longer be understood in isolation and consequently regions must be studied in the context of their links and relationships with other regions. Our Graduate School pursues the concept of integrated area studies, therefore we have incorporated several related fields of study into our programme (American Studies, European Studies, Japanese Studies, Sinology, Turkology).

Our research focuses on the period commencing in approximately 1800: a period of dramatic and continuing change in Eastern and Southeastern Europe. A period which distinguishes the region in a European context and has generated not only a rich field of study but also a great need for research.

Our research is interdisciplinary and focusses on three areas:

Basics and Forms of Social and Political Change

Cultural Orders

Infrastructure, Migration and Transfers of Knowledge


The doctoral students work together in small thematically-focused Study Groups. These are:

Literature - Narrativity - Discourse

Social Sorting


International Research Training Group (IRTG) "Religious cultures in 19th and 20th-century Europe"


Due to the two locations in Munich and Regensburg, our School has access to numerous libraries and archives holding relevant material on Eastern and Southeastern Europe.