Basics and Forms of Social and Political Change

Museum of Communism in Prague, Picture credits: Darina Majernikova

Our Graduate School explores questions about the dynamics, determining factors and consequences of the multiple transformation processes which Eastern and Southeastern Europe has experienced in the last two centuries.

  1. The first field of research investigates system change: the dissolution of imperial rule, the establishment of communist regimes, post-socialist transformation and European integration, as well as the social, cultural and linguistic consequences of these developments.
  2. The second field of research examines historical actors and their backgrounds in terms of their experience and knowledge as well as the focus of their expectations.
  3. Thirdly, this field includes research into institutions which seek to regulate social and geographical space. Institutions are instruments of stability as well as potential locations of change. An institution links structure with practice and social regulation with culture. Where do the cultural roots of institutions and their key figures lie? How do formal institutions relate to informal networks?