Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

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Arbitrator / Ombudsperson


In order to settle a conflict, members of the Graduate School can address an arbitrator connected to the corresponding institution.

Members of LMU Munich can address the representatives of conflict based on the university’s constitution.

The directorate of the University of Regensburg (UR) appointed an ombudswoman on the suggestion of the executive board of the Graduate School for members in Regensburg.

Designated ombudswoman in Regensburg:

Professor Milena Grifoni
Institute for Theoretical Physics
Vice-rector for research
Universität Regensburg


In addition, members of the Graduate School in Regensburg can address the relevant...

DFG representative at UR:

Professor Harald Garcke
Faculty of Mathematics
DFG representative
Universität Regensburg

In case of cross-university conflicts the arbitrators of Regensburg and the representatives of conflict in Munich share the responsibility.