Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

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General Meeting

The supreme body of the Graduate School is its General Meeting, which usually gathers annually.

The General Meeting elects members the following members of the Executive Board: a coordinator, a vice coordinator, two further principal investigators and an equal opportunities representative.

On the suggestion of the Executive Board the General Meeting adopts the statute of the Graduate School and appoints the members of the Academic Advisory Board and the Arbitration Board.

The General Meeting receives reports of the coordinators and appoints the representatives of the Admission Board. Furthermore, it decides upon the admission of further substantially involved scholars and adjudges the working reports and the overall financing application of the Graduate School to the DFG.

The General Meeting consists of the founding members (Principal Investigators) as well as newly co-opted members of the Graduate School, provided they are employed by one of the involved partner institutions. Moreover, there are four elected representatives of the doctoral students (two for each university), two elected representatives of the postdoctoral students (one for each university) and the heads of the involved extramural institutions (or their representatives). The two managing directors of the Graduate School participate in a consultative function without a vote.