Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

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Admission criteria

1. Originality of the proposal

2. A viable working plan

3. Academic potential of candidate

4. Academic record

Admission Procedure

The admissions procedure consists of four stages which are outlined below:

Stage 1: Candidates submit their application via the online portal.

Stage 2: The administrative offices check the submitted applications on eligibility and with regard to their adherence to formal requirements (completeness of application, submission within the deadline); submissions that do not meet the formal criteria will not be processed further.

Stage 3: The admission board assesses the applications of those candidates deemed to have met the admission[nbsp] criteria mentioned above.

Stage 4: The admission board interviews the best qualified candidates. Potential supervisors also take part in these interviews. In addition to the academic ability of the candidate and the potential of their project, it is crucial that the project can be adequately supervised by our Graduate School.

In addition to doctoral students who are directly funded by us, it is possible for candidates who receive their funding from other bodies, who are based in Munich or Regensburg, and who are supervised by one of our Principal Investigators to become associate PhD students of our Graduate School. These candidates take part in the same admissions procedure and must meet the same selection criteria. Students who simultaneously participate in another doctoral programme must only fulfil a limited part of our qualification programme so that they have enough time for their academic project. There is no specific application deadline.