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Application Workshop

Who can apply and when is the workshop?

The preparatory workshop is aimed at graduates and advanced students from non-German universities who plan to do a doctoral course. The workshop takes place every year in June. Graduates with a Master degree (or comparable) apply in spring with an idea for a doctoral programme. It is not necessary to submit a detailed proposal.

The workshop is run by postdocs from the Graduate School of East and Southeast European Studies. Each participant presents his or her idea in the form of a short presentation. In the following phase, students work together with the postdocs to formalise a possible research topic for a doctoral programme within the field of East and South-East European Studies. This could be the development of a Master thesis or something new.

Please note: There will be no preparatory workshop in 2018!

Content of workshop

During the workshop, participants become acquainted with German applications procedures in various disciplines. In addition, participants have the chance to meet doctoral students of the Graduate School and work on a proposal for a doctoral project with the help of postdocs. Participants can then use this proposal for an application to the Graduate School or for funding applications to other bodies.

Fees and expenses

Travel costs to and from Munich as well as the cost of accommodation during the workshop are covered by the Graduate School.


Jan Tesař, who is now a doctoral student at the Graduate School of East and Southeast European Studies, took part in the workshop in 2013. You can read his impressions here.

Jelena Dureinovic took part in the workshop in 2014. Read her thoughts here.

Ayan Huseynova (in German) and Jovana Vukčević (in English) have written down their impressions of the 2015's workshop.