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Guidelines for the Online Application

Here you will find a step by step guide to help you with the online application. You might want to consult this page while you complete the form.

1. Creating an User Account

To apply online for a doctoral position or research funding at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies you first need to register at the online-application portal of the LMU GraduateCenter by creating a user account and to choose the programme you wish to apply for. Please use the application portal provided by the LMU GraduateCenter only and refrain from sending us any documents via email.

2. Logging In [&] Completing the Form

Once you have created an user account in the application portal you will receive a confirmation email. The next time you wish to log in to the portal please enter your user name (not email address) and password.

As you complete the form make sure you save it at regular intervals because changes are not saved automatically. You can make changes to the form by clicking Edit and than Save. All fields marked with a yellow triangle must be filled out. You can save your application at any point and return to it later.

To finalise the application click Save and Submit. You should expect confirmation that we have received your application. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check if your application is complete as the system blocks incomplete applications. Please also check your email spam.

Once you have submitted your application, it is not possible to modify it. Upon completion of the application procedure all information you have provided will be automatically deleted.

If you forgot your password you simply need to click the button "request new password" and a new password is sent to your stated email address.

Step One out of Five – Personal Information

Please fill in your personal details such as full name, date of birth, email, telephone number and correspondence address.

Here you must also upload your letter of application and your CV as well as a certificate of disability if applicable. You can also upload a list of publications, this is however not compulsory. Please upload all documents in .pdf, .jpg or .png format and make sure that files are not larger than 5 MB.

Step Two out of Five – Academic Training

In this section you are asked to enter the details of your academic qualifications (University Entrance Qualification, Bachelor Degree and Master Degree or equivalent) in chronological order.

Please upload your certificates in the designated fields. If applicable, you can upload a list of publications. In this section you will also be asked to enter the abstract of your master thesis, which should not exceed 2.000 characters.

Step three out of five – Qualifications

On this page you are required to provide information about your language skills. Please note that the working languages of the Graduate School are English and German. You should be proficient in one of them and have sufficient knowledge of the other language to be able to participate in academic discussions.

Step four out of five – Referees

You have to enter the details of two academic referees who can evaluate your academic performance, your final thesis and possibly also your doctorate project. Your referees must at least hold a doctorate. They will be emailed with an invitation to provide a reference for you.

Step five out five – Dissertation Project

Here you will be required to enter the details of your dissertation project, including the discipline it belongs to, your dissertation’s working title, exposé and a tentative work plan structured in semesters. Your exposé should be four to six pages, excluding bibliography. In this section you will also be asked to upload your letter of motivation.


Should you experience any difficulties with completing the application form please contact, outlining the nature of your problem.