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Pål Kolstø (Oslo)

"Popular support for the nation-state and the nation-building strategy in former Yugoslav republics and Albania. The results of a comparative study"

11.04.2014 14:00  – 16:00 

Der norwegische Historiker und Politikwissenschaftler Pål Kolstø wird am 11. April 2014 in Regensburg die Ergebnisse eines multilateralen, von 2011 bis 2014 durchgeführten Forschungsprojekts zu Strategien des nation building in den Nachfolgestaaten Jugoslawiens und in Albanien sowie der Ressonanz in der jeweiligen Bevölkerung vorstellen. Der Vortrag beginnt um 14 Uhr.

In a multilateral research project involving researchers from six Balkan countries and Norway 2011-14 my team studied contemporary nation-building in the Yugoslav successor states and Albania, the region which in EU documents is referred to as ‘the Western Balkans’. We asked: what kind of nation-state ideal have political leaders pursued in the various states and by which means? In particular, we explored the role of flags, national anthems, statues, commemorations, rituals and other symbols, to find out how they are being used to create a common political-cum-cultural identity in the population attached to the state and to what effect. Next, we asked: what is the effect of these nation-building efforts? Do the identity-building policies resonate in the population? In order to find answers to these questions we ran a large-scale opinion survey to gauge the support-level for the nation-building strategy adopted in the various countries. We found that identification with the state varied considerably from country to country, and some clear patterns could be revealed. This presentation provides an overview of the research project and sums up the most important results.

Der Vortrag findet statt in der Landshuter Str. 4, Raum 017 in Regensburg. Beginn ist um 14 Uhr, vorher lädt die Graduiertenschule zu einem Imbiss ein.

 Ort: GS-OSES, Landshuter Str. 4, Raum 017 (EG), Regensburg

Zeit: 11. April 2014, 14-16 Uhr


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