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"Cities Inside Out - Urban Peripheries Compared" in Belgrad

26.09.2016 18:00  – 20:00 

Im Rahmen der Sommerschule 2016 "Exploring Belgrade: Theory x Discipline x Method" der Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien und des Masterstudiengangs Osteuropastudien findet am 26. September in Kooperation mit dem Goethe-Institut Belgrad die öffentliche Podiumsdiskussion "Cities Inside Out - Urban Peripheries Compared" statt.

Gegenstand der Diskussion

The largely invisible and unobserved urban ‘fringe’ (which includes the informal, semi-rural and rural areas beyond the city’s official boundaries) is a place where many contrasting developments and transformations take place that are often at odds or in ‘friction’ with each other: processes of land privatization, of capital investment, and land grab, the creation of informal settlements, of gated communities, Roma slums, and refugee settlements, the emergence of new forms of (state) militarization and (private) securitization. The periphery is home to various ‘displacements’: of evicted urban populations and impoverished and marginalized rural populations, and various kinds of human and non-human waste, and partly ‘undesired’ but necessary urban institutions such as prisons, garbage belts, cemeteries, archives, etc.

The debate will turn ‘Cities Inside Out’, that is, bring into focus the less visible urban ‘peripheries’ in light of what is happening in metropolitan centers: the growth of inequality and spatial segregation, the erosion of the social fabric in cities, the loss of solidarities and everyday cosmopolitanism, the emergence of non-places, etc.


Athens: Lila Leontidou, architect & geographer (confirmed)

Belgrade: Ivan Kucina, architect (confirmed)

Bucharest: Cătălin Berescu, architect (confirmed)

Istanbul: Imre Azem, filmmaker & activist (confirmed)

Moderation: Ger Duijzings

Zeit: Montag, 26. September 2016, 18-20 Uhr

Ort: Goethe-Institut Belgrad, Knez Mihailova 50, 11000 Belgrad

Responsible for content: GS OSES/Hesse