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Workshop München

Institutional Change in Political Economies and Varieties of Methods in Social Science Research on Postcommunism

19.05.2017 at 00:00  – 20.05.2017 at 00:00 

Am 19. und 20. Mai 2017 findet in München ein internationaler Workshop der Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien zu "Institutional Change in Political Economies and Varieties of Methods in Social Science Research on Postcommunism" statt. Organisiert wird die Arbeitstagung von Prof. Dr. Alexander Libman und Peter Wegenschimmel.

Konzept des Workshops
The workshop’s goal is to focus on the methodological challenges arising from the research on the multitude of economic transformation trajectories of the post-Communist countries (in Central and Eastern Europe and in the post-Soviet Eurasia) and their societal outcomes. One of the most contested issues between area studies and broader social sciences has been the need to, first, understand how concepts and theories developed in a particular environment ‘travel’ across different regions, and second, whether the empirical research methods are able to produce interesting results in different regional contexts (taking into account the specifics of local societies, data availability, constraints for researchers etc.). In some cases, this discussion is fairly elaborate (this is the case, in particular, for China). In case of the post-Communist world, this discussion has been more limited and, if happened at all, frequently detached from the actual empirical work done by social scientists. The workshop attempts to bridge this gap, with its two parts: the methods round table (devoted explicitly to understanding the conceptual and empirical challenges associated with studying post-Communist regions) and three thematical panels, where research papers on certain topics should be presented and demonstrate the actual empirical challenges researchers face.
Teilnahme: nach vorheriger Anmeldung per E-Mail.
Zeit: 19.-20.05.2017
Ort: München, LMU, Institut für Soziologie, Konradstraße 6, Freitag: Raum 309 / Samstag: Raum 308

Friday, 19th May 2017
Room 309
18 Uhr
Research Methods Panel Discussion
Carsten Herrmann-Pillath (Erfurt)
Eeva Kesküla (Tallinn)
Adam Mrozowicki (Wroclaw)
Andrei Yakovlev (Moscow)
Chair: Alexander Libman (Munich)
Saturday, 20th May 2017
Room 308
Transformations of State Agency
Piotr Kozarzewski (Lublin):
Evolution of the Ownership Role of the State during the Post-Communist Transition: The case of Poland
Andrei Yakovlev (Moscow):
Attitude to the National Leader through the Lenses of Investment Climate Assessment: The Case of Russia
Michael Rochlitz (Munich):
Regional Investment Promotion Agencies and Authoritarian Political Support: Experimental Evidence from Russia
Peter Wegenschimmel (Regensburg):
Counter-Revolutions during Post-Socialist Transformations: Insights Provided by an Organization-Based Approach
Chair: Alexander Libman (Munich)
Coffee break
Transformations of Industrial Relations
Vassil Kirov (Sofia):
Revisiting Industrial Relations in South-Eastern Europe: Weakening, Awakening and Specificity
Marta Kahancová (Bratislava):
Beyond the Crisis: Innovative Union Practices in Central-Eastern Europe
Kathrin Jurkat (Berlin):
Postsocialist Transition in Serbian Factories – An Historical-Anthropological Approach
Barbara Krug (Frankfurt):
Governance – Not Government! Insights from the Empirical Analysis of China’s Economic Transformation
Chair: Carsten Herrmann-Pillath (Erfurt)
Transformations in Informality
Adam Mrozowicki (Wroclaw):
Shifting Boundaries of Work: Precarity in the Post-Transformational Poland
Eeva Kesküla (Tallinn):
Family in the Company: Family and the Company in Estonian and Kazakhstani Mining Communities
Maja Breznik (Ljubljana):
Second Hand Workers
Alla Bolotova (St. Petersburg):
Transformations of Communities, Industries and the State in Single Industry Towns in the Russian Arctic
Chair: Piotr Filipkowski (Vienna)

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