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Nikita Zakharov (Freiburg)

Political Cycles in Media Harassment

21.05.2019 13:30  – 14:30 

A lecture with Nikita Zakharov (Universität Freiburg i.Br.) will take place in Regensburg on 21 May 2019. The event is part of the AB Economic lecture series from the Economics Department at the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (Leibniz-Institut für Ost- und Südosteuropaforschung – IOS).

Where: Regensburg – Leibniz-Institut für Ost-und Südosteuropaforschung (IOS), Landshuter Str. 4 (Raum 109)

When: 21 May 2019 at 13:30

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