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Dissertation Prize awarded to David Franz

Alumnus of the Graduate School receives the Dr.-Katharina-Sailer-Prize


David Franz, Alumnus of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies, has been awarded Universität Regensburg's Dr.-Katharina-Sailer-Prize on 23 January 2017. With this Prize the University and the Dr. Katharina Sailer Foundation acknowledge Franz' outstanding dissertation thesis "American and Soviet Modernisms in the Weimar Republic: Discourses of Modernity in the German Mass Media 1918-1933" that was written at the Graduate School.

In his study, the historian Franz looks at mass-media debates on social modernisation processes that took place in the Weimar Republic. Through his innovative approach Franz is able to demonstrate that the USA and the Soviet Union as models and places of longing played a special role in the interpretations of societal, political and economic modernisation processes.

Universität Regensburg awards the Dr. Katharina Sailer Prize at the suggestion of the Council of the Faculty of Language, Literature and Cultural Studies. The award recognises outstanding academic work and achievements, mainly in the field of English Didactics. The prize is endowed with prize money of 1,000 euros.