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Negotiating Social Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Postdoc Čarna Brković co-edited a collection of articles on questions of sociality in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Čarna Brković, postdoctoral researcher of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies in Regensburg, has co-edited the book "Negotiating Social Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Semiperipheral Entanglements". The collection - published with Routledge - explores in interdisciplinary contributions recent configurations of social relations in post-socialist, post-war, post-Yugoslav Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) by turning an analytical lens on questions of sociality.

Contributions based on long-term, in-depth research projects explore how people in different parts of BiH make and remake social relations and outline how their practices of sociality relate to donor-set priorities and formal human rights provisions. The book explores the socio-political concerns which have emerged within BiH, incites interdisciplinary conversations and sheds critical light on ways of engaging with these concerns and discusses forms of sociality, politics and agency which remain largely absent from the official political discourse and practice of local and foreign actors. Explicitly focusing on social relations in BiH against the historical background of both war and Yugoslav socialism, and directly placing these in relation to authoritative discourses and policies regarding BiH today brings the different strands together while the commentaries of specialists who have studied BiH in different ways explicitly situates the contribution of ethnographic work in the country.

Stef Jansen; Čarna Brković; Vanja Čelebičić (eds.): Negotiating Social Relations in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Semiperipheral Entanglements, London; New York: Routledge, 2017.