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New publication: Blokadnye narrativy


Stories about the Leningrad blockade are the focus of the collection "Блокадные нарративы: Сб. Статей " which was recently published by Riccardo Niccolosi and Polina Barskova in the" New Literary Oberserver ". The contributions were first presented at the conference "Narrating the Siege, The Blockade of Leningrad and its Transmedial Narratives" which took place in June 2015 in Munich.

Between 1941 and 1944 the city of Leningrad was besieged by the German troops. As a result of the blockade about one million citizens died, mostly because of starvation or freezing. Drawing from approaches of different disciplines, the authors of the edited volume analyse how people in Soviet and Post-Soviet culture have narrated this extreme experience in private diaries, feature films or magazines. The main focus of the volume is the question of how we can talk about such an existential experience and where the representability reaches its limits.

Riccardo Nicolosi is Professor for Slavic Philology and Literature at LMU a principal investigator of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies.

Polina Barskova is Associate Professor for Russian Literature at Hampshire College.

Riccardo Nicolosi, Polina Barskova (eds.): Blokadnye narrativy: Sbornik statej Moscow: New Literay Observer, 2017 (= Nauchnaja biblioteka).

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