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Graduate School welcomes four Guest Researchers

Erika Wolf, Zoran Milutinović, Nebi Bardhoshi and Lucie Dušková are collaborating closely with the Graduate School


The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies is delighted to welcome Erika Wolf, Zoran Milutinović, Nebi Bardhoshi, and Lucie Dušková as guest researchers.

From October to December 2017, the (art) historian Professor Erika Wolf, PhD and the slavicist Professor Zoran Milutinović, PhD are joining the Graduate School as Visiting Research Fellows in Munich and Regensburg respectively.

Erika Wolf is an Associate Professor at the University of Otago in New Zealand and a leading expert on visual history. Her primary field of research is Soviet art and visual culture. She is presently completing the manuscript for "USSR in Construction: A Modernist Propaganda Magazine for the Stalinist Regime."

Zoran Milutinović is Professor of South Slav Literature and Modern Literary Theory at the UCL SSEES. His recent publications have examined the works of Ivo Andric and Mesa Selimovic, the construction of ‘Europe’ in Serbian culture, the notion of common Yugoslav culture, Socialist Realism in Serbian literature and the impact of geopolitical imagination and popular cultural geography on representations of 'small literatures'.

Moreover, the Graduate School is happy to welcome the legal anthropologist Professor Dr. Nebi Bardhoshi and the historian Mgr. Lucie Dušková as Guest Researchers in Regensburg.

Nebi Bardhoshi is Associate Professor and Director of the Institute of Cultural Anthropology and Art Studies in Tirana. Since his stay as Visiting Research Fellow at the Graduate School in Regensburg in 2015 he is also its Honorary Research Associate. By invitation of the Bavarian State Ministry of Education, Science and the Arts, in October and November 2017 he is teaching "Property and Anthropology of Law" as Guest Professor at the University of Regensburg.

Lucie Dušková, PhD candidate at the Institute of Economic and Social History at the Charles University in Prague - ÚJOP, is staying as a Bayhost-Stipendary Fellow at the University of Regensburg from October 2017 to June 2018. During this time she will collaborate closely with the members of the Graduate School. Her dissertation deals with the topic of the representations and practices of the night in post war Czechoslovakia.

The Graduate School wishes all Fellows and Guests a pleasant and productive stay!