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New Publication: Anthology "Revolution and Avantgarde"

Commemorative Piece for Aage Hansen-Löve Published


On the 70th birthday of the literary scholar Prof. Dr. Aage Hansen-Löve, an anthology under the title "Revolution and Avant-garde" was released. The commemorative piece, edited by Nora Scholz and Anke Niederbudde, examines the connections and interactions between the October Revolution of 1917 and the art of the avant-garde.

Several members of the graduate school also took part in it. The Regensburg literature scholar Prof. Dr. Walter Koschmal contributed an essay entitled, "To the musical Poetik of the compression and disappearance. Daniil Charms', The Old '(Starucha) and Gustav Meyrink, The Golem.'" And the Munich literary scholar Prof. dr. Riccardo Nicolosi submitted the essay "Kolchose intermedial. Notes on literature and film in Socialist Realism." The anthology is part of the series "Ost West Express. Kultur und Übersetzung," ("East West Express: Culture and Translation") by Frank and Timme Press in Berlin.

Aage Hansen-Löve was a professor of Slavic Philology. He is a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and participates in the elite study courses "Eastern European Studies" and "Historical Art and Image Discourses," as well as in the Doctoral Program ProLit (LMU), and is a principal investigator at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies.

The Content of the Volume

The October Revolution of 1917 and the art of the avant-garde are closely linked by the revolutionary aspects of art and the creative potential of the avant-garde. The authors of this volume, dedicated to Hansen-Löve's 70th birthday, show the complex interrelations and interactions in contributions from theory, art history, inter-media research, film, and literary studies. The spectrum ranges from late symbolism (Belyj, Blok) to the sujet and adventure theories of formalism (Šklovskij), the Russian avant-garde and their environment (Majakovsky, Eisenstein, Zamyatin, Pasternak, Charms, Platonov), the early and later Soviet era to reflect the revolution and the avant-garde in contemporary literature. Texts on the Czech and Polish avant-garde as well as on the Italian Futurism complete the volume.

Anke Niederbudde / Nora Scholz (ed.): Revolution and avant-garde. Berlin: Frank and Timme Verlag, 2018 (East-West Express: Culture and Translation, Vol. 30)

1st edition 2018
516 pages
ISBN: 978-3-7329-0288-0

Cover: © 2018 - Frank and Timme Verlag