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Research Grant to Eva-Maria Walther

Scholarship for Three Months of Fieldwork in Košice / Košice (Slovakia)


Eva-Maria Walther, who has been working on her PhD on Tolerance and Nationalism in Slovakia at the Graduate School in Regensburg, was recently awarded the Leopold Kretzenbacher Scholarship of the Schroubek-Fonds Eastern Europe. The scholarship supports three months of field research in Košice, Slovakia. She also received a BAYHOST Mobility Grant for further field research in Nitra, Slovakia.

Walther previously conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Bratislava and Nitra, accompanying and interviewing refugees as well as their social workers, volunteers and teachers. From July to September 2018, she will be accompanying two organizations in Košice on behalf of the Slovak State to advise the local refugees on the integration process.

The mobility grant from the Bavarian University Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST) was awarded to her for two-months of fieldwork in Nitra. There, she had observed and actively accompanied staff members at NGO, which cared for 140 Christian refugees from Iraq.

Schroubek Fund Eastern Europe

Dr. Georg R. Schroubek and Barbara Schroubek set up the "Special Fund for Eastern Europe - Explorations and Approaches" (Schroubek-Fonds Eastern Europe) at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München in 2007. Its aim is to promote engagement with the peoples and cultures of Eastern Europe as well as to, in particular, broaden the knowledge of cultural relations between this region and the German-speaking area. The objective is to promote the teaching of language and cultural competences, scientific exchange and research.


The Bavarian University Center for Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe (BAYHOST) promotes scientific exchange between Bavaria and Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, including Russia. BAYHOST supports the cooperation between Bavarian universities/colleges and scientific institutions in partner countries as wellas the initiation of new collaborations.