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Klyshko, Marina

Marina Klyshko, Dr. des.

PhD Student in Slavic Literature

Doctoral Project

Das politische Imaginäre eurasischer Fiktionsräume: Entwürfe imperialer Ordnungen im postsowjetischen Russland

The political imaginary of Eurasian fictional spaces: imperial discourses in post-Soviet Russia

In my dissertation project, I invesigate the (neo-)Eurasian methods of representing identity and how these identities were reflected in post-Soviet Russian literature within the context of the political imagination. The guiding thesis of this theoretical paradigm assumes that community formation is based on the imaginary order, which is understood as man's creative power to produce new meaningful images, symbols and forms. This process also presupposes the space of the political, since the patterns of thought underlying the commonwealth are realized in political instutitions as well as social institutions.

At the center of my analysis are narrative strategies, collective symbols and figurations, with which different texts design the political imagination. On the one hand, the rhetorical processes of unity in the (neo-)Eurasian philosophical-ideological movement are studied. On the other hand, the literary examination of (neo-)Eurasian discursive positions on the basis of selected texts should be taken into consideration. The question arises as to how the post-Soviet Russian literature refers to the (neo-)Eurasian imaginations and what inter and counter discourses it develops.

Curriculum Vitae

Teacher training in German and English at the Far Eastern State University of Humanities in Khabarovsk/Russia. After graduation, activity in the field of cultural management, public relations and translation in Germany and Russia. 2013 Master of Art "Cultural Foundations of Europe" at the University of Konstanz. Afterwards, preparatory work for the dissertation and serving as research assistant at the University of Konstanz. Since November 2015, doctoral studies in the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies.

Positions, Assignments and Memberships

Member of the Study Group "Literature – Narrativity – Discourse"



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