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Fixl, Maximilian

Maximilian Fixl, M.A.

PhD Student in East European History

Doctoral Project

Soviet and Czechoslovak Interactions with Latin America 1954-1974: Intercultural Communication in the Cold War.

The project examines the Czechoslovak and Soviet cultural transfer with Latin America 1954-1974 as a communicative process. It analyzes how political and cultural communication took place between members of different societies and what learning and interaction processes took place between Czechoslovak and Soviet actors who were politically and ideologically close.
The global historical investigation of cross-border transfers in the Cold War chosen here departs from Eurocentric representations and examines whether the idea of a homogeneous Eastern bloc, which prevailed in research on the Cold War until the turn of the millennium due to the bipolar fixation on the USA and the Soviet Union, can be dissolved. It analyzes learning and interaction processes that make the states of Latin America and Czechoslovakia in the Cold War appear as co-creators of an interrelationship and not as mere appendages of a hegemonic power such as the United States and the Soviet Union. The states of Latin America were subject to political change during the Cold War, as shown, for example, by the military overthrows in Guatemala in 1954 and in Chile in 1973. The impact on cultural transfer will be taken into account, and the study will be based on three countries that interacted with the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia in different ways during the period under study: Guatemala, Mexico and Chile.

Curriculum Vitae

Born 1991 in Aalen. 2008/2009 Scholar year abroad in Venezuela. 2011-2016 Studies of History and Spanish Studies at University of Constance. 2018-2020 Master Studies of East European Studies at LMU Munich with a focus on History of the Soviet Union and Chechoslovakia. Master Thesis: The Spanish Civil War as a Transnational Space of Communication: Communist International and Trotskyism in Spain. Since 2019 Member of "Gegen Vergessen für Demokratie e.V." and "Deutsche Gesellschaft für Osteuropakunde/Junge DGO München"


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  • Fixl, Maximilian: Von Chatyn über Maly Trostenez nach Kurapaty. Wandel in der belorussischenErinnerungskultur? In: Erinnerungskulturen. Erinnerung und Geschichtspolitik im östlichen und südöstlichen Europa (2020). Verfügbar unter: