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Vuk, Dóra

Dóra Vuk, M. A.

PhD Student in Slavic Philology


Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies
Universität Regensburg
Landshuter Str. 4
93047 Regensburg

Phone: +49 (0)941 / 943 - 5339

Doctoral Project

Kongruenz in der kroatischen Herkunftssprache in Ungarn und Österreich

Congruence in the Croatian language of origin in Hungary and Austria

My dissertation examines the linguistic competences of bilingual Croatians in Hungary and Austria. I analyze the influence of the dominant language (e.g. German or Hungarian) and the status of bilingual Croatians (minority or immigrants) on the level of heritage language acquisition. The study is the continuation of a pilot study that I conducted as part of my master's thesis. The study has shown that there are relevant differences in the mastery of the language of origin between bilingual migrants and the minority group. The structure of the dominant language seems to be crucial in this context. This shows that, depending on the structure of the dominant language, certain linguistic segments are affected by interference and deviations. That is why my dissertation project focuses on concrete morphosyntactic categories (verb regimen, case regimen of prepositions). These have been referred to in previous research as hard to acquire areas. In the field of linguistic analysis and data analysis, I address the question of how far the heritage languages of migrants differ from corresponding variants of autochthonous minorities. In addition, I will develop a classification of typical linguistic deviations and interferences on the morphosyntactic level, which may be useful in native language education.

Please also see an overview of her project in the Graduate School's Newsletter Nr. 6, Summer Semester 2016.

Curriculum Vitae

Born in Nagykanizsa (Hungary). 2007-2010 – Croatian Studies at the University of Zagreb (B.A.). 2010 – 2013 – Croatian and German Studies at the University of Zagreb (M.A.). 2011/2012 WS – Foreign Study (Slavic and German Studies) at the Ruprecht-Karls-University, Heidelberg. Since 11/2014 – Doctorate at the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies (supervisor: Prof. Dr. Björn Hansen).

Positions, Assignments and Memberships

Presentations (selected)


"Subject-Verb Agreement in the Croatian Heritage Language in Austria and Hungary". (Jahrestagung der Graduiertenschule für Ost- und Südosteuropastudien "Studying East and Southeast Europe as Area Studies: Paradigms - Themes - Methods for the 21st Century", München, 25.-27.10.2018)


Together with Dr. sc. Zrinka Jelaska: "Family Inheritance – Language Identity of Croatian Heritage Speakers" (Conference "Croatian as a Second and Foreign Language – 5th HIDIS", University of Zagreb, Croatia, 18.-20.12.2014).

"The Influence of the Social Status on Heritage Language Aquisition" (12th International Scientific Conference - Croatian Studies, University of Pécs, Ungarn, 17.-18.10.2014).

Together with Dr. sc. Zrinka Jelaska: "Heritage Speakers and Their Croatian Language – The Influence of Language History on Written Language Production" (Conference "Multidisciplinary approaches to bilingualism", University of Zagreb, Croatia, 25.-27.04.2014).