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Toksöz, Meltem

Prof. Meltem Toksöz, Ph.D.

Honorary Research Associate
– Former Visiting Fellow


Brown University
Department of Middle East Studies & History Department of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
111 Thayer Street
Brown University, Box 1970
02912-1970 Providence, RI

Website: Webprofile (Brown University)


Meltem Toksöz, Ph.D. serves as a Visiting Associate Professor in Middle East Studies at the Department of Middle East Studies as well as at the History Department of the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs of Brown University in Providence, RI. Earlier she was a professor at Boğaziçi University in Turkey. From June to August 2018, Toksöz was a Visiting Research Fellow of the Graduate School in Munich. Since this stay, she has been an Honorary Research Associate of the Graduate School.

Töksoz earned a Ph.D. on the Ottoman history in 2001 at the State University of New York, Binghamton. Now her research can be categorized into the following subjects: Ottoman Economic History, Historiography, Ottoman Social History, History of Economic Thought, Modern South Asian History and Middle Eastern History.

During her time in Munich, Toksöz finalized a volume on Ottoman global histories of the 19th century in the transnational context of the making of intellectual history and historiography in the framework of Global History. Her next book project will focus on the Mediterranean as a unit of analysis in the history of capitalism in comparison to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean, 16th century to the present. In this book as well, she will have a transregional approach in an oceanic history framework, and start with the Mediterranean. She has also been writing a biography of the Ottoman intellectual, academic, historian and bureaucrat Mehmed Murad.


  • Visiting Research Fellow at the Graduate School in Munich, June – August 2018

Publications (selected)


Nomads, Migrants and Cotton in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Making of the Adana-Mersin Region in the Ottoman Empire, 1850-1908 (E.J. Brill Publications, 2010).

Cities of the Mediterranean: From the Ottoman Times to the Present (I.B.Tauris, 2010).