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Králová, Kateřina

PhDr. Kateřina Králová, Ph.D.

Honorary Research Associate
– Former Visiting Fellow


Charles University in Prague
Faculty of Social Sciences
Institute of International Studies
Department of Russian and East European Studies
U Kříže 8
150 00 Praha 5 - Jinonice
Czech Republic

Website: Webprofile (Charles University)


In January/February and July 2018, the Graduate School welcomes historian Prof. Dr. Kateřina Králová as a Visiting Research Fellow in Regensburg. Králová is the Chair of Russian and East European Studies at the Institute of International Studies at the Charles University in Prague. From 2010 to 2015 she was Vice Dean for International Relations at the Faculty of Social Sciences. She teaches contemporary history. Her research interests include the handling of the Nazi past, memory and oral history in relation to the Holocaust, the Greek Civil War, post-conflict societies and post-war reconstruction in Greece. Her book on the German occupation in Greece has recently been published in German with the title "Das Vermächtnis der Besatzung. Deutsch-griechische Beziehungen seit 1940". Most recently she co-edited the special issue "Diverse Perspectives on Jewish Life in Southeast Europe: The Holocaust and Beyond" at the Southeast European and Black Sea Studies Journal (2017). During her Fellowship in Regensburg, she will work on a book project on the return of Holocaust survivors to Greece.


  • Visiting Research Fellow at the Graduate School in Regensburg, January and February & July and August 2018

Publications (selected)


Das Vermächtnis der Besatzung: Deutsch-griechische Beziehungen seit 1940. Köln 2016.

With Hana Kubátová (eds.).: Návraty: Poválečná rekonstrukce židovských komunit v zemích středovýchodní, jihovýchodní a východní Evropy [Coming Back. The Post-war Reconstruction of Jewish Communities in the CE-, SE- and Eastern Europe]. Prague 2016.

With Jiří Kocian und Kamil Pikal (Hrsg.): Minderheiten im sozialistischen Jugoslawien. Brüderlichkeit und Eigenheit. Frankfurt am Main 2016.