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Publications 2020

The members of our Graduate School produce publications on a regular basis to present and discuss their research findings with other scholars or the general public.

The following titles were published in 2020:

Guido Hausmann

with Tanja Penter: Instrumentalisiert, verdrängt, ignoriert. Der Holodomor im Bewusstsein der Deutschen. In: Osteuropa 3-4/2020, 193–214.

Stefan Gužvica

Komunistička partija Jugoslavije za vrijeme Velike čistke (1936-1940) [The Communist Party of Yugoslavia during the Great Purge (1936–1940)]. Zagreb: Srednja Europa, 2020 (to be published).

Before Tito: The Communist Party of Yugoslavia during the Great Purge, 1936-1940. Tallinn: University of Tallinn Press, 2020.