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Skubii, Iryna

Dr. Iryna Skubii

Former Visiting Fellow



From November 21 to December 21, 2016 Ukrainian historian Dr. Iryna Skubii, researcher at the Petro Vasylenko Kharkiv National Technical University of Agriculture, has been a visiting researcher in Munich, and as such, guest of the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies during her stay.

Skubii holds a stipendiary fellowship of the German-Ukrainian Historical Commission, allowing her to visit archives, libraries and several research institutions in Germany for her current research project on children and their consumption history in Soviet Ukraine in 1920 and 1930s. The German-Ukrainian Historical Commission offers short-term research stipends for young postdoctoral scholars in Ukraine and Germany; the stipends are financed by the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD and the Robert Bosch Foundation.


  • Visiting Fellow at the Graduate School in Munich, November - December 2016