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Die Rettung Des Bildes im Wort" as Open Access Publication


The book "Die Rettung des Bildes im Wort. Bruno Schulz' Bild-Idee in seinem prosaischen und bildnerischen Werk" is based on the doctoral thesis by Dr. Anna Juraschek, alumna of the Graduate School. It is now also available with Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht as an open access publication. In 2016, the study was originally published in the third volume of the series "Schnittstellen. Studien zum östlichen und südöstlichen Europa".

Anna Juraschek’s book deals with the imagery in the work of the Polish-Jewish artist, writer and essayist Bruno Schulz, who wrote his main body of work in Poland during the inter-war period. In the context of the societal and technical changes at the turn of the century, Juraschek examines Bruno Schulz’ striking and peculiar way of dealing with images, which is evident in both his visual and literary work as well as in the interweaving of them. For the analysis and evaluation, on the one hand are the studies of images and their cultural function in the interwar period, such as the pioneering essays by Walter Benjamin and Gisèle Freund, and on the other hand are recent theories of image science such as those of Hans Belting and Gottfried Boehm.

The Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies wants to promote open access to research results and has therefore agreed with the publisher Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht to publish the volumes of the series "Schnittstellen" about two years after their publication as an open access publication. In the near future, Juraschek’s open access book will also be available in the OPAC catalog of the Bavarian State Library and in the research portal on East, Central and Southeastern Europe "Osmikon". Nevertheless, the book can still be purchased in print.

Dr. Anna Juraschek is regional coordinator for Poland and the Czech Republic at the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa).

1th edition 2016
255 pages with 20 illustrations
ISBN 978-3-525-30085-5
Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht

Cover: © Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht