Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies

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Study Groups

The study groups are small thematically-focused working groups within the Graduate School. They refer to the School’s thematic research programme and the specific needs of the doctoral students and their respective projects. The study groups bring together our members based both in Munich and Regensburg.

Since the Graduate School covers a wide variety of research topics, the purpose of the study groups is to bring together researchers working on similar projects. Each study group is supervised by at least two members of the School’s teaching staff.

The groups operate as workshops in which doctoral students can present their work in progress and tackle problems which arise during the course of their research. They also act as forums in which questions of methodology and theory may be discussed.

At the invitation of the group leader, advanced master students - especially those who complete the Honours Master's Programme East European Studies - can also take part in the study groups.

Study groups can organise workshops and seminars according to their requirements.

Currently, the Graduate School for East and Southeast European Studies has the following study groups:

Former study groups